Self-defense is equal parts physical as well as mental. It’s a mindset. It’s hard to feel empowered and motivated all of the time. I know how hard it can be to get out of bed every morning. When you aren’t feeling the greatest, it’s important to find the people in your life you can look to for motivation and empowerment. Here is a list of 10 women that I either know personally or who I look up to find some encouragement throughout my day. 


  • Mel RobbinsRobbins is the author of one of my favorite books, “The 5 Second Rule.” If you want to get your butt kicked in gear to achieve a goal I highly recommend listening to the audiobook which is read out by Robbins herself. She has discovered a tool that can help you in almost every single aspect of life and she has truly helped me change my life. 

  • Manisha PickettMaster Pickett is a Choi Kwang Do instructor in Kingston, UK as well as a zumba instructor. I have trained with her and been a friend of hers for almost a decade. Her instagram is full of different exercises for all types of people. She recently became a mother and she loves to incorporate her newborn into some of her exercises as well. She is incredibly hard working and on top of it all she is so kind and loving to the people around her. She is constantly encouraging her students and pushing them to do their absolute best. 

  • Erin Austin – Master Austin was my very first martial arts instructor and she has taken a break to raise a family and to battle some health problems but she has recently made a return to teaching. She is currently teaching out of Macomb, MI. This woman is the one who taught me that I could do anything and to learn what it means to be a woman in this world today. 

  • Kirsty DicksonChief Instructor Dickson is a CKD school owner in Hammersmith, UK. Her instagram is full of inspirational quotes about personal fitness as well as personal development. I have trained with her several times at international seminars. Every time I get the opportunity to watch her perform she inspires me to keep working my hardest to achieve anything. She is very gifted and a truly phenomenal instructor and her students are incredibly lucky to get to learn from her. 

  • Jennifer Lee – Lee is currently the Chief Creative Officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios. An article was written about how Lee is bringing more women into the animation industry. Lee was the head script writer and director of the two Frozen films and has spearheaded many other films at Disney Animation. Learning about her in the docu-series “Into The Unknown” made me feel like I could do absolutely anything I wanted to in my life.

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